Study Links Fever During Pregnancy With Autism


New investigation provides intriguing clues about the relationship between fever during pregnancy and babies born with autism. Study Links #Fever During #Pregnancy With #Autism Click To Tweet A recent study led by scientists at the Center of Investigation and Immunity (CII) at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in New York, demonstrated that fever is a detonant for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Dr. Mandy…

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Region In Scotland Will Be 100% Powered By Kites Within 10 Years


Scotland is ambitious to meet its goal of cutting carbon emissions by 66% by the year 2032, which is why kites will generate power for an entire region of Scotland in less than a decade. The United States of America might be reneging on its previous commitment to decreasing carbon emissions in an effort to reduce climate change, but Scotland is still ambitious to meet…

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Coffee Flour & Beer Pizza: Newest Inventions To Reduce Food Waste

coffee flour

The problem of food waste is a lot bigger than you think, but companies around the world are trying to combat it. That’s where the coffee flour and beer pizza come in… #Coffee #Flour & #Beer #Pizza: Newest Inventions To Reduce #Food #Waste Click To Tweet Food waste is a huge issue not just because of the implications it has on the economy that wastes…

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Ticks Got You Down? Try This Simple, Natural Trick For Keeping Them Away


Essential oils to the rescue when it comes to your search for an all-natural bug repellent. Depending on where you live, ticks can often be a huge problem every time you or your pets step outside, posing all kinds of health risks such as Lyme disease or tetanus. Even if you don’t have a problem with simply checking yourself and your pets every time you…

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Britain Goes 24 Hrs Without Coal – First Time Since Industrial Revolution


This is the first time the country has run without relying on any coal power plants since Thomas Edison opened the Holborn Viaduct in 1882. Last Friday, a monumental happening occurred in Great Britain. For the first time since Thomas Edison opened the  Holborn Viaduct power station in London in 1882, the country ran for 24 hours without any coal-fired power plants. RELATED: Google Running…

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You’ll Never Believe What Nail Polish Does To Your Body The Minute It’s Applied

Nail polish is surprisingly horrible for you. While it’s not surprising that nail polish is incredibly bad for people, it’s not something that many people have thought carefully about because the nail bed is considered a hardy place to keep prettily-colored chemicals on our body that won’t sink into our systems. This kind of thinking, of course, is wrong. RELATED: 5 Most Common Chemicals in…

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Why Japan’s School Lunches Put Other Countries’ To Shame

Japan’s new school lunches food program is a huge contrast to current plans in the US. A recent article has delved into the reasons why the Japanese nation is so successful, particularly exploring the details within their school lunch program. This has come at a time when the US is considering cutting the funding that provides school lunches for underprivileged children, which is in huge comparison…

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U.N. Report Attributes 200,000 Deaths Annually To Pesticide Poisonings

pesticide poisonings

The UN urges use of pesticides in large scale agriculture is a human rights violation due to pesticide poisonings and extremely detrimental to the environment. Routine use of pesticides and insecticides in the agricultural industry is often portrayed as not only acceptable, but necessary in order to maintain high production standards. The use of these products is harmful to the environment, depletes topsoil, destabilizes the…

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Researchers Just Made Tires More Sustainable By Using These Food Products

sustainable tires more sustainable

In what’s cleverly being referred to as “driving on eggshells,” researchers from Ohio State University have been testing tomato peels and eggshells among other foodstuffs for their ability to replace the filler used in tires. The current filler used is petroleum-based and, while it works just fine in tires, it’s not sustainable and actually limits mobility for rubber. Researchers decided to tackle this problem by trying out…

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New Testing Has Found Potentially Harmful Levels Of Pesticides In US Honey


A study has found evidence of a pesticide that is linked to cancer within samples of honey. After facing public pressure to test samples of US food for presence of the pesticide, the Food and Drug Administration found new evidence of residues from the weed killer glyphosate within honey. All of the samples that the FDA recently tested contained glyphosate residues, and some of the…

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Scientific Research Suggests Humans Could Have Created The Sahara Desert

New research has suggested that humans could have been a crucial factor in the creation of the Sahara desert. A new report by archaeologists and ecologists from Seoul National University in South Korea, and published in the journal Frontiers in Earth Science, has investigated the role of human activity within the desertification of the Sahara. #Scientific Research Suggests #Humans Could Have Created The #Sahara Desert…

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Supplements Exposed: How to Ensure You’re Getting Adequate Vitamins & Minerals

supplements exposed

Many of us know that we probably aren’t getting all of the vitamins and nutrients we need to function at our best, and often we turn to supplements to make up for it, assuming we can get almost all of the vitamins and minerals we need through the various pills and powders we find in the drug store. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. There is a lot of misinformation out there about vitamin…

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Researchers Successfully Plant Extinct Tree After Finding Ancient Seeds

extinct tree

This previously extinct tree has defied all odds and become the oldest known tree seed to germinate. The Judean date palm tree might look like a regular palm, but it lives in infamy in a number of ancient texts, including the Old Testament, and thrived for thousands of years in the Middle East. King David of the Hebrew Bible even named his daughter Tamar, after the…

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Beijing Will Replace 67,000 Taxis With Electric Cars To Combat Air Pollution

electric cars

The decision comes following reports of pollution levels rising to catastrophic levels. Announcements have been made in Beijing, China, claiming that 67,000 taxis will be replaced with electric cars and taxis, according to reports. The decision comes after catastrophic air pollution levels in December last year, prompting recognition of a strong need to significantly reduce pollution in the city. RELATED: This One Simple Trick Keeps Your Info…

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Biologists Are Planning To Bring The Caspian Tiger Back From Extinction

caspian tiger

The last Caspian tiger was shot in 1922. Despite famous films such as Jurassic Park highlighting problems of extinction and conservation, together with scientists reviving an extinct species, the idea of bringing these ancient animals back to life has long been thought of as simply a work of science fiction. However, those thoughts could be about to change, as the unlikelihood of bringing those species…

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Study Confirms Pot Is NOT A Gateway Drug, Can Treat Tobacco And Opioid Addiction


In the latest of dozens of studies proving the healthful benefits of cannabis, researchers in Canada found not only can marijuana be effective in managing pain, but it can reduce a user’s dependency on tobacco, alcohol, and can replace a number of prescription medications — including antidepressants. Weed, they also found, simply isn’t the “gateway drug” politicians and detractors have claimed it is for decades.…

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Brazil Refuses GMO Imports From United States

GMO imports

Brazil joins the growing number of countries rejecting GMO imports from the United States. #Brazil Refuses #GMO Imports From #UnitedStates Click To Tweet Brazil joins the growing number of countries rejecting GMO imports from the United States. In the last decade, bio-technology and gene modification in large-scale agriculture has become a controversy driving a wedge into the industry. In 2015, 19 European nations had declared…

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Sperm Whales Found Dead In Germany, Stomachs FULL Of Plastic And Car Parts

sperm whales dead

The sperm whales’ deaths are symbolic of humanity’s shocking disregard for marine life. In January, 29 sperm whales were found stranded on shores around the North Sea, an area that is too shallow for the marine wildlife. Only recently were details of the animals’ necropsy released. However, scientists were deeply disturbed by what they found in the animals’ stomachs. Sperm #Whales Found Dead In Germany,…

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