How A Sandalwood Mens Beard Comb Made Me Love My Beard

mens beard comb, sandalwood beard comb,

I never thought I’d say it but, I am combing my beard with a mens beard comb. Like right now.

OK no, not right now. But every morning.

I used to trim, wash face, and do the dab dry/hand brush thing. Then out the door…. or to bed. Depending on the circumstances.

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mens beard comb

Then I did a thing. I told Sabrina that I wanted to try to comb my beard.

A blank stare followed, topped with a smirk. She handed me my daughters pink & plastic de-tangling comb.

I brushed it through my beard and… actually I kind of liked it.

It made my hairs straight, and got rid of the wild ones.

But, sometimes static-y.

So as time went on I would sneak my daughters’ combs. Until eventually I… really needed my own!

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Enter Christmas List: Mens Beard Comb / Sandalwood Beard Comb

mens beard comb, sandalwood beard comb,

Sandalwood Mens Beard Comb

Shop now at in our online store!

The importance of the comb being a mens beard comb, is paramount.

And a Sandalwood beard comb is just 10x better. It’s like putting cologne on without putting cologne on; all natural.

Sabrina took note of my enthusiasm one day when I found the Rocky Mountain Sandalwood Beard Comb. And one of these bad boys showed up in my stocking. YES.

I now love my beard. Sabrina better watch out.

The Best Mens Beard Comb

  1. PREMIUM PACKAGING – No cotton bags or cellophane wrap for this comb. We packaged our combs in premium laser cut velvet style padded packaging that will last a lifetime
  2. SMOKED WOODEN SMELL – Inhale the smell of your Grandfathers workshop with the brisk smell of smoked sandalwood that radiates from this comb
  3. ROCK SOLID – 100% handmade finish means that each comb is crafted with a way that will leave your hair feeling smooth and smelling great.
  4. COMPACT SIZE – Allows for portability where ever you go. Keep the comb in your pockets – At work or at the gym – we know that staying groomed is a must.
  5. ANTISTATIC – Unlike typical plastic combs that can cause static in your beard or hair, sandalwood is anti-static. You’ll look suave and sophisticated.


I highly recommend requesting this for Valentine’s Day guys,  seriously!


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