Sirtfood Diet: What Is It and Is It Right for me?

You’re right to be skeptical of the latest diet trend. Companies or individuals usually develop fad diets with the purpose of creating profit. With so many people desperate to lose weight, it’s easy for these companies to prey on their vulnerability. So is the sirtfood diet a viable solution or just an unhealthy fad? Let’s take a closer look… #Sirtfood #Diet: What Is It and Is…

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Victory! Germany Becomes Latest Country To End Fur Farming

fur farming

Leaders in the country recently voted to end the barbaric practice of fur farming which results in millions of creatures being slaughtered every year. First, Germany became the first country in the world to end the practice of shredding male chicks in the egg industry (seriously, it’s a thing. Read more here). Now, the progressive nation has joined the growing list of countries who have…

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Infographic: How MDMA for PTSD Psychotherapy Works


Dr Bronner’s– everyone’s favorite soap company– released a statement in April announcing their plans to donate $5 to an organization called MAPS for the purpose of getting FDA approval using MDMA for PTSD. The family-owned maker of the top-selling natural brand of soap, Dr Bronner’s, says they will donate $1 million each year over the next five years to MAPS: the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic…

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Angered Man Unleashed Bed Bugs in Government Office, Needs These Natural Remedies

natural bed bugs remedies

A disgruntled man in Maine unleashed hundreds of bed bugs at a local government service office this week in retaliation for poor service. We’ve all been there, right? The man originally entered the local office earlier in the day to file a complaint against his landlord. Who reportedly refused the tenant any assistance in tackling his bed bug infestation. Unfortunately this seems more like an…

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Region In Scotland Will Be 100% Powered By Kites Within 10 Years


Scotland is ambitious to meet its goal of cutting carbon emissions by 66% by the year 2032, which is why kites will generate power for an entire region of Scotland in less than a decade. The United States of America might be reneging on its previous commitment to decreasing carbon emissions in an effort to reduce climate change, but Scotland is still ambitious to meet…

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Coffee Flour & Beer Pizza: Newest Inventions To Reduce Food Waste

coffee flour

The problem of food waste is a lot bigger than you think, but companies around the world are trying to combat it. That’s where the coffee flour and beer pizza come in… #Coffee #Flour & #Beer #Pizza: Newest Inventions To Reduce #Food #Waste Click To Tweet Food waste is a huge issue not just because of the implications it has on the economy that wastes…

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This Mall is Turning into a Health Education Campus. But There’s a Catch…


Two developers have purchased the Fiesta Mall in Mesa Arizona. And they plan to transition the former retail shopping center into what they call a health education campus. But how much health education will it actually provide to the people who need it most? This #Mall is Turning into a #Health #Education Campus. But There's a Catch… Click To Tweet Jerry Tokoph and Wayne Howard…

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Using Herbicide Puts Workers at Risk for Developing Cancer


Christine Shepherd was shocked when doctors diagnosed her with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Why was this happening? What had caused all the lymph nodes in her leg to swell?  She searched for answers until she was confronted by an answer that made perfect sense: Christine had been spraying the herbicide Roundup on her coffee farm for five years. According to the World Health Organization, the main ingredient in…

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Plastic, Bug Parts, Salmonella. What’s Lurking in Your Spice Cabinet?

spice cabinet

We normally don’t think about what our spices go through before they hit our pantry. But more and more evidence suggests that really nothing in our kitchen is entirely “safe” from contaminants in one form or another. Including your spice cabinet. Plastic, Bug Parts, Salmonella. What's Lurking in Your #Spice Cabinet? Click To Tweet Plastic Our oceans are polluted with tons of plastic. Like literally…

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How Many of These Toxic Endocrine Disruptors Are You Currently Exposed to?

endocrine disruptors

A healthy thyroid and hormonal balance are critical to optimal health. Wait no, that’s actually putting it lightly. Unbalanced hormones and an unhealthy thyroid due to endocrine disruptors can lead to reproductive disorders and cancers. This is serious! Your endocrine system is responsible for regulating vital hormones needed for proper bodily function. So any hormone replacement should be done under the care of a professional.…

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8000 Flint Victims Face Foreclosure for Unpaid Water Bills


Nearly three years later and Flint still does not have clean water. Now the victims are expected to fix the problem themselves or get out. The city recently sent out notices to 8,002 residents requiring payment in overdue “water” bills. If the don’t pay up, victims could lose their homes. 8000 #Flint Victims Face #Foreclosure for Unpaid #Water Bills Click To Tweet Prosecution attempts have failed…

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Are You Using the Right Onion? [Infographic]

Are You Using the Right Onion-

All onions are delicious. But are you using the right onion for the right recipe? Selecting the wrong onion could leave your food either too sweet or too bitter. But don’t worry! We have this handy guide right here to help you select the right onion for the right recipe. Click To Tweet” username=”OrganicTitanic”] Yellow Onions Yellow onions are great for general cooking. Stews, soups,…

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Woman Wins $110.5 million in Baby Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Virginia woman Lois Slemp says using Johnson & Johnson baby powder for over 40 years caused her to develop deadly ovarian cancer. Slemp is still very ill, but the courts recently awarded her $110.5 million dollars in damages. Here’s what happened. Is there a baby powder cancer connection? Let’s take a look… Woman Wins $110.5 million in #Baby #Powder #Cancer Lawsuit Click To Tweet (CC BY 2.0)…

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Watch Out! These Health Food Brands Aren’t so Healthy (And What to Buy Instead)

health food brands

Consumers want healthy food options. Big brands know this. But consumers also want niche health food brands and choices. So what is a monopoly to do? Create the illusion of choice and the illusion of health, of course! Sugar for Days You should probably already be avoiding pre-packaged smoothies because of their sugar content. Too much sugar– even from natural sources like fruit– causes your…

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Ticks Got You Down? Try This Simple, Natural Trick For Keeping Them Away


Essential oils to the rescue when it comes to your search for an all-natural bug repellent. Depending on where you live, ticks can often be a huge problem every time you or your pets step outside, posing all kinds of health risks such as Lyme disease or tetanus. Even if you don’t have a problem with simply checking yourself and your pets every time you…

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Healthy Meal Prep Ideas to Save Time and Eat Well

healthy meal prep ideas

Let’s face it: time is valuable! Some nights we just don’t have time to stand in the kitchen making ourselves a healthy meal. But that’s okay because there’s other alternatives. We have 7 right here with these healthy meal prep ideas! #Healthy #Meal Prep #Ideas to #Save #Time and #Eat #Well Click To Tweet RELATED: Make Your Own Healthy Freezer Meals Instead of cooking every day,…

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The Best Healthy Mac And Cheese Recipes

healthy mac and cheese

Ahh macaroni and cheese, everyone’s favorite comfort food! One of the hardest things about living a healthy lifestyle is giving up flavors and foods you love. Or is it?! With these healthy mac and cheese recipes, you don’t have to worry about giving it up any more. Whether you’re going vegan, gluten free, or just lower calorie, we found the best healthy mac and cheese…

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Britain Goes 24 Hrs Without Coal – First Time Since Industrial Revolution


This is the first time the country has run without relying on any coal power plants since Thomas Edison opened the Holborn Viaduct in 1882. Last Friday, a monumental happening occurred in Great Britain. For the first time since Thomas Edison opened the  Holborn Viaduct power station in London in 1882, the country ran for 24 hours without any coal-fired power plants. RELATED: Google Running…

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5 Bath Bomb Recipes That Double as Eye Candy

bath bomb recipes

Everyone loves bath bombs but the cost can add up quickly. Especially if you’re buying the designer ones. Or maybe you’re worried about ingredients and you want to use more natural versions. Why not just make them yourself? Here are the 5 most beautiful bath bomb recipes we could find. Enjoy! 5 #BathBomb #Recipes That Double as Eye #Candy Click To Tweet Bath bombs from the…

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