Fall Smoothie Recipes

fall smoothie recipes

There’s a lot of great smoothie recipes online. But what about winter and fall smoothie recipes? If you want to eat healthy and still stick to a budget, you’ll need to shop for in season produce at your local grocery store or farmer’s market. Here’s what’s in season for the fall and winter according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture… Fall: apple, banana, carrot, celery, cranberry,…

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How to Make the Best Smoothie EVERY Time

how to make the best smoothie

It’s not as easy as it seems to make a tasty and healthy perfect smoothie with a smooth texture. Once you get the important stuff down, it gets easier. But unfortunately that means trial and error in the form of bland, chunky, bitter, or runny smoothies. That’s why we decided to create an ultimate smoothie guide! Each point on this handy infographic we’ve broken down…

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Healthy Sugar Alternative: Is Coconut Palm Sugar The Answer?

healthy sugar alternative coconut sugar coconut palm sugar

We already know all about the benefits of coconut oil: cleaning, cooking, body care, and your weird hippie aunt who won’t shut up about oil pulling. But what about coconut sugar? Is coconut palm sugar a healthy sugar alternative? Let’s take a look… RELATED: 11 Traditional (Not Trendy) Superfoods You NEED in Your Diet PROS Aesthetics In order to be a good replacement for sugar, it’s…

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Healthy Breakfast Made Easy

healthy breakfast recipes

Let’s face it: no one has time to cook a healthy breakfast in the morning before a long day. So by the time lunch rolls around we find ourselves reaching for the quickest thing we can grab. Not only is breakfast on-the-go typically unhealthy, but the cost can add up quickly. Save your money, appetite and well being with these healthy breakfast recipes. Healthy Breakfast…

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Healthy Pasta Recipes

pasta recipes

Who doesn’t love a delicious, hearty, warm pasta?! It’s one of the hardest things to give up when making the switch to a healthy lifestyle. Or is it?? You don’t need to give up pasta all-together. Try one of these flavorful pasta recipes to upgrade your pasta instead of ditching it. Feel free to substitute traditional pasta for a whole-grain variety or gluten-free variety. Our…

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Healthy Soup Recipes

healthy soup recipes

Leaves are falling and the weather is getting colder. It’s the perfect time to curl up on the couch with a tasty soup! Try one (or all) of these healthy soup recipes! You can always freeze some for those days you just don’t feel like standing in the kitchen. Here are some of our favorites. Chock full of veggies, nutrients, and most importantly: flavor! Healthy…

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Why Blanket Statements (not Almond Milk) are TERRIBLE for you!

Why blanket statements are TERRIBLE for you! It seems like every day, the next thing we thought was better for our day-to-day life is now – YOU GUESSED IT – PURE EVIL!!! Muahahahah!!! Today I watched: THIS VIDEO (click to watch in new window) “Why almond milk is TERRIBLE.” According to that– along with the following research– I am an ignorant liberal hipster. Who would…

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How I Found Money for Going Organic by Doing Nothing

Life takes money. The moment you are born you’ve already inherited the need for money. Even the most basic resources require it. Sure, mom, dad, or supporting family have it down for about 18 years, but in most cases you’re on you’re own somewhere around there. Whether you like it or not the working world is waiting for you. Need some snacks from the public school vending…

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5 Healthy Dog Food Brands Buyer’s Guide

Healthy dog food can be a controversial & confusing topic. Let us help you sift through the facts so you can choose the right food for your dog! We’ve put together a 3 step buyer’s guide & our top 5 picks to save you time. Step 1 – Choosing A Healthy Dog Food Brand Perhaps you’ve heard that your favorite brand is under fire for a…

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