Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Will Soon Be Usable at Starbucks

Bitcoin Starbucks

The biggest coffee chain in the world will soon begin accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Starbucks has partnered with Microsoft, Intercontinental Exchange, the Boston Consulting Group, and others to form a new company that will a “enable consumers and institutions to buy, sell, store and spend cryptocurrencies on the global network by November,” CNBC reported Friday. The company, called Bakkt, will operate by converting Bitcoin and other digital currencies…

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This National Park Opted To Shoot Poachers On Site, Has Killed 50 So Far


If humans fail to change their ways and adopt more sustainable habits, incredible species will go extinct. In fact, the African Elephant isn’t expected to outlast the next decade due to increased poaching activity. It’s because of this sobering reality and the increasing demand for ivory that a national park in India is shooting poachers first and asking questions later. The BBC reports that Kaziranga…

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