The Amazing Healing Power of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is without doubt one of mother nature’s best cleaners, purifying everything from our bodies to our counter tops. There are many uses for this powerful fermented liquid, apple cider vinegar has been used for about 10,000 years, after discovering a particularly sour wine. The ancient Egyptians used apple cider vinegar for weight loss as well as an antiseptic,  while Hippocrates recommended it…

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how to build a diy window sill box planter

window sill garden

Gardening is an amazing way to produce trust worthy food for you and your family, but not everyone has the space to do so. Whether you’re in an apartment, townhome, or you have an unpleasant landlord, a small window sill garden will most likely allow you the freedom of farm to table meals. Perfect for herbs, flowers, or small vegetables, this is a great addition for…

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“Can I Freeze…?” Your Ultimate Guide to Freezer Storage

can it go in the freezer storage

“Can I freeze avocado? What about milk? Cheese? Can I freeze tomatoes?” Stop worrying and save this page because we’ve got your ultimate freezer storage guide right here! Don’t forget to pin the infographic to Pinterest and save this page for easy future reference! Click To Tweet Not so Fast Don’t freeze anything that holds a lot of water. These things get mushy after thawing.…

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DIY Fitness Equipment: How to Make Your Own Gym With Almost No $

diy fitness equipment

Too busy to make time for the gym? Can’t afford to work out? Pfft nonsense! Just build your own home gym! No, really. You can actually make plenty of decent workout equipment with cheap materials in your own home. Here’s our guide to DIY fitness equipment. Disclaimer: Please attempt these DIY fitness items at your own risk. Making your own fitness equipment could be hazardous…

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Does It Go in the Fridge? Your Guide to Fruit & Vegetable Storage

vegetable storage

Ah the age-old question: does it go in the fridge? Some foods stay fresh longer left on the counter while others need the fridge to stay crispy. But which is goes where? Don’t worry, we’ve put this handy guide fruit and vegetable storage guide together so you’ll never have to play the guessing game again. Just bookmark the page and pull it up anytime you…

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Vitamins Vegans Need and How to Get Them

People are always so concerned about vegans and their diet. And sure, it can be tricky to get all the right nutrients through a plant-based diet. But it doesn’t take a whole lot of work, just some planning. That’s why we put together his handy list of vitamins vegans need and how to get them through a plant-based diet! #Vitamins #Vegans Need and How to…

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Angered Man Unleashed Bed Bugs in Government Office, Needs These Natural Remedies

natural bed bugs remedies

A disgruntled man in Maine unleashed hundreds of bed bugs at a local government service office this week in retaliation for poor service. We’ve all been there, right? The man originally entered the local office earlier in the day to file a complaint against his landlord. Who reportedly refused the tenant any assistance in tackling his bed bug infestation. Unfortunately this seems more like an…

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Are You Using the Right Onion? [Infographic]

Are You Using the Right Onion-

All onions are delicious. But are you using the right onion for the right recipe? Selecting the wrong onion could leave your food either too sweet or too bitter. But don’t worry! We have this handy guide right here to help you select the right onion for the right recipe. Click To Tweet” username=”OrganicTitanic”] Yellow Onions Yellow onions are great for general cooking. Stews, soups,…

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Healthy Meal Prep Ideas to Save Time and Eat Well

healthy meal prep ideas

Let’s face it: time is valuable! Some nights we just don’t have time to stand in the kitchen making ourselves a healthy meal. But that’s okay because there’s other alternatives. We have 7 right here with these healthy meal prep ideas! #Healthy #Meal Prep #Ideas to #Save #Time and #Eat #Well Click To Tweet RELATED: Make Your Own Healthy Freezer Meals Instead of cooking every day,…

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10 Castile Soap Uses For All Around the House

Do you have a bottle of Dr Bronners? Congratulations! You’ve got the ideal ingredient for creating your own natural products all around the house! Here’s 10 castile soap uses we think you should try. RELATED: 5 Items You Need in Your DIY Natural Beauty Arsenal Look around your house and you’ll find a dozen castile soap uses looking back at you. From the bathroom to the…

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Coffee Benefits: 5 Reasons to Drink-Up According to Science

coffee benefits

Love coffee? Who doesn’t?! That’s a good thing though because coffee is actually pretty fantastic for you. So pour another cup and check out the coffee benefits we came up with. #Coffee Benefits: 5 Reasons to #Drink-Up According to #Science Click To Tweet Brain Function Coffee is known to improve brain function including cognitive ability, memory, mood, energy, and focus. But I’m sure you already…

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Energy Foods to Keep You Going All Day …And Which to Avoid

energy foods

Sick of hitting that midday slump? You don’t need caffeine! You need to change your diet. Fill you diet with high energy foods to keep you going all day and avoid the stuff that will slow you down! #Energy #Foods to Keep You Going All Day …And Which to Avoid Click To Tweet READ MORE: Healthy Snacks to Have On Hand for When Hunger Strikes To…

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Natural Toothache Remedies to Hold You Over Until a Dentist Visit

natural toothache remedies

Toothache? Allergic to over the counter stuff? Or maybe the stores are all closed? No worries, we’ve got 8 natural toothache remedies right here for you! Seeking out natural solutions for pain is a great idea. But make sure you’re only looking for temporary relief as you wait for a dentist visit. These natural toothache remedies won’t cure the cause of your pain, but they can…

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Vegan Protein Foods For Plant-Based Protein

The age-old question: how do vegans get protein? Well, I’m not vegan. But I still know there’s lots of other sources for vegan protein foods without meat and dairy. Here’s 8 vegan protein foods to help get you through your day! RELATED: The BEST Dark Chocolate Granola Vegans aren’t the only people who can benefit from protein foods that aren’t meat or dairy. Don’t get me…

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Eater’s Rejoice! Here’s the Best Food for Abs

food for abs

Want abs but love to eat? Duh who doesn’t! That’s why we put together this list of the best food for abs. So eat up and get ripped! It’s true: abs are made in the kitchen. Strong and defined abdominal muscles hinge on your diet. But that doesn’t mean you have to starve! Far from it, your muscles need the right nutrients to grow and…

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10 High Fiber Foods to Eat Every Day

high fiber foods

Do you get enough fiber in your diet? Most people don’t. Here’s 10 high fiber foods you can eat every day! 10 High #Fiber #Foods to #Eat Every Day Click To Tweet RELATED: Iron Rich Foods: Are You Iron Deficient? How do you get your fiber? About half of Americans aren’t getting enough. Most types of protein break down when they come into contact with your…

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Calcium Rich Foods That Aren’t Dairy

calcium rich foods

Gone vegan? Lactose intolerant? There’s many reasons one might want to avoid dairy. That’s okay, there’s still plenty of ways to get enough calcium without eating dairy. Just keep these calcium rich foods in your diet! RELATED: Iron Rich Foods: Are You Iron Deficient? Nuts, Beans, and Seeds Most nuts, beans, and seeds are great ways to get your daily calcium. Since there’s so many different…

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This One Simple Trick Keeps Your Info Safe From Credit Card Skimmers at the Gas Pump

credit card skimmers

Credit card skimmers are a terrifying thought! Someone could be stealing your credit card information, money, and identity. And you might have no idea until your bank account is empty! No worries, we have one trick to help keep your info and money safe from credit card skimmers. This One Simple Trick Keeps Your Info Safe From #CreditCard #Skimmers at the #Gas Pump Click To Tweet…

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4 Ways to Strengthen Baby’s Immune System

baby's immune system

Baby’s immune system isn’t worse than an adult’s but it works differently.  Here are 4 ways to keep your baby’s immune system strong that you might not have thought of. We all know the obvious stuff: keep baby away from sick people and keep baby out of the cold. But what if you want to take your baby’s immune system a step further? Well here…

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Omega 3 Foods That Aren’t Salmon or Seafood

omega 3 foods

Most modern western diets lack a healthy amount of omega 3 fatty acids. No problem! We’ve got a great list of omega 3 foods right here! Omega 3 fatty acids are responsible for all kinds of things in your body. Your brain needs them to function properly. A lack of omega 3s can exasperate mental health issues like bipolar disorder, ADD, and depression. #Omega3 #Foods…

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