DIY Fitness Equipment: How to Make Your Own Gym With Almost No $

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diy fitness equipment

Too busy to make time for the gym? Can’t afford to work out? Pfft nonsense! Just build your own home gym! No, really. You can actually make plenty of decent workout equipment with cheap materials in your own home. Here’s our guide to DIY fitness equipment.

Disclaimer: Please attempt these DIY fitness items at your own risk. Making your own fitness equipment could be hazardous if you aren’t careful. So please make sure you take all possible precautions to avoid injury.

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Softball Grip Pullups

via Ross Training

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DIY Fitness “Sand” bag

via Running to the Kitchen

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Medicine Ball

via Hub Pages


Pull-up Bar

via Your Fitness Path

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Rowing Machine

Okay, we know this is probably impossible for most people to make. But we thought you should see it since it’s so awesome.

via Instructables


Equalizer Bars

via Dynamic Diva

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