‘Fitbit for Cows’ Cowlar Tracks Everything From Disease to Stress

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The dairy industry is pretty disgusting. Cows are treated, well, like cattle. So in order to better track cows’ physical and mental state, a Pakistani company developed Cowlar: the ‘Fitbit for cows.’

Sure, a vegan lifestyle is more sustainable overall. Plus disease is not uncommon. Conditions like mastitis causes pus to “leak” into dairy milk. Granted this amount is very small, and part of a very natural process. But one drop of pus per 8 oz glass of milk is still pretty disgusting. Would you rather have one drop of pus or none at all? Exactly. But pus is only one small issue.

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But we can’t force people to give up dairy and meat. And we can’t exactly force companies to stop producing it. So until animals are fully liberated, this Fitbit for cows could make things for everyone a little bit better.

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The Cowlar dubbed the ‘Fitbit for cows’ tracks everything from heart rate, to disease, to stress, to reproduction. So it’s really much more than a Fitbit. Overall, the Cowlar is expected to help farmers generate better profits. Keeping disease down is better for consumers as well as farmers. By keeping better track of cows’ needs, farmers won’t need to rely on steroids and antibiotics as much.

Another way to generate better profits? Happier cows. Seriously! Cows in a better mental state produce more milk. Which is actually kind of gross if you think about it. So the cows might be happier, but they’re still lactating constantly.

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