“Can I Freeze…?” Your Ultimate Guide to Freezer Storage

can it go in the freezer storage

“Can I freeze avocado? What about milk? Cheese? Can I freeze tomatoes?” Stop worrying and save this page because we’ve got your ultimate freezer storage guide right here!

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Not so Fast

Don’t freeze anything that holds a lot of water. These things get mushy after thawing. So no cottage cheese, citrus fruits, melon, or celery. On the other hand, if your celery or tomatoes are cooked into a soup or stir fry you’re good to go. If you plan on freezing a dessert, make sure it doesn’t contain any gelatin. Custard is also a no-go. Do not freeze raw tomatoes!

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Green Light for Freezer Storage

You probably already know chicken, beef and bananas freeze well. But did you know baked goods like muffins hold up well in the freezer for almost a year? What about cheese?! Yep, you can even freeze milk. Avocados on sale? Buy a bunch and freeze them for dips later. (But don’t expect to use them for salads.)

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Yeah But…

You can freeze just about all vegetables but you need to blanch them first. This will keep them nice and crisp after a stay in the freezer. If you don’t blanch them first, they’ll turn into mush. Potatoes will get gritty and dry. Surprisingly, apples should also be cooked before freezing.

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“Can I Freeze…” Your Guide to Freezer Storage

can i freeze freezer storage


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