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Victory! Germany Becomes Latest Country To End Fur Farming

Leaders in the country recently voted to end the barbaric practice of fur farming which results in millions of creatures being slaughtered every year.

First, Germany became the first country in the world to end the practice of shredding male chicks in the egg industry (seriously, it’s a thing. Read more here). Now, the progressive nation has joined the growing list of countries who have ended the practice of fur farming.

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Recently, leaders in Germany voted to shut down the last six working fur farms in the country. Since its founding in 1994, PETA Germany has been lobbying for the outlawing of fur farming, as it results in millions of animals being killed for no reason other than their fur. Approximately 85 percent of minks, rabbits, foxes — and in some countries, cats and dogs — that are harvested for their fur are kept on fur farms. As One Green Planet reports, animals on these types of farms are confined to small cages and forced to live in inhumane and unsanitary conditions. Worst of all, they are often killed in cruel ways. From electrocution to being skinned alive, they undergo experiences no one on the planet should be forced to endure.

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Fortunately, the last of Germany’s fur farms will be closed down after a five-year transition period. The new bill demands stricter regulations governing fur farming and, as PETA reports, effectively makes the raising of minks nonviable for farms.

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The first country to introduce the ban was the U.K. in 2000, followed by Austria in 2004. The Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, and Japan have all ended the practice, as well. In the near future, perhaps other countries will follow suit and prevent hundreds of thousands of animals from being slaughtered, all so humans might look “fashionable.” What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

Victory! Germany Becomes Latest Country To End Fur Farming

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