Angered Man Unleashed Bed Bugs in Government Office, Needs These Natural Remedies

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natural bed bugs remedies

A disgruntled man in Maine unleashed hundreds of bed bugs at a local government service office this week in retaliation for poor service. We’ve all been there, right?

The man originally entered the local office earlier in the day to file a complaint against his landlord. Who reportedly refused the tenant any assistance in tackling his bed bug infestation. Unfortunately this seems more like an issue for a private attorney. But the office supposedly provides municipal services including code enforcement– so the tenant’s complaint would probably still fall under their jurisdiction in some way. Details on the man’s complaint aren’t exactly clear so one can’t be entirely sure where the responsibility lies.

Regardless, this man felt upset enough that he reportedly reentered the same office later in the day to release a cup full of hundreds of bed bugs. The office immediately closed for extermination. Unfortunately they probably didn’t send the pest control crew out to the man’s home afterwards.

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We’ve all been there. Well maybe not exactly. But we’ve probably all dealt with landlords who just don’t want to do their job. And bed bugs are no joke: they’re nearly impossible to get rid of! The only thing that can kill an infestation for good is long term high-heat treatment. So removing the pests can be a tedious and very expensive process. Unfortunately most homes that become infested with the critters probably can’t afford conventional solutions. And if you’re a renter, this can be a huge problem.

One person can bring one tainted article of clothing into your home and you’re skrewed. That’s why here at Organic Titanic we tried our d*mnedest to find the best natural bed bug treatments available. So if you’re looking to curb an infestation or prevent one, here are your best options available…

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Identify the Place Bed Bugs Are Hiding

Mattress? Couch? Wallpaper? Find out where the critters are hiding. If you can afford it, throw out your mattress and infested furniture, tear down wallpaper and paint over it. Tear up carpet. This will help isolate the area where the bed bugs are living.


Okay, this isn’t really a remedy for repelling or removing the bed bugs. But it can help you identify where they’re coming from and stop them from reaching your skin at night. It can also help confirm if you even have an infestation before you go through the trouble of pest control. Apply double-sided tape to your bed frames and furniture legs. Check them the next day to see where (if any) the bugs are hanging out.


After you identify the area, get out the vacuum. Try to suck up the majority of the bugs. This will help remove as many bugs as possibly so you can focus on more detailed treatments. Make sure to get crevices where the bugs could hide. After you’re done, clean out your vacuum very well or even throw it away if you can.

Heat: Steam, Hair Dryer, Washing Machine

Most pest control companies already use a natural solution to remove bed bugs: heat! Bed bugs and their eggs can’t live in extreme temperatures. Utilize your own heat sources. If you’re taking precautionary measures, put clothes into the dryer or washing machine on high heat before bringing them into the rest of your home.

A steam cleaner can be a life saver. Use steam heating to clean all fabrics and in your home where the bed bugs could be hiding. Use a hair dryer on surfaces like wood. Just make sure you take all precautionary measures to avoid a fire. That will still kill the bed bugs but you won’t have a house left afterwards. Make sure to keep steam away from electrical outlets!

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Tightly wrap any fabric furniture, pillows, linens, or mattresses in a plastic encasement. This can successfully contain and kill the bed bugs, but it takes a full year for the bugs and their eggs to die. Use this as a precautionary measure if you’re hosting guests.

Essential Oils

Tea tree, lavender, thyme, lemongrass, clove are the best. The acidity from many oils creates a toxic environment for eggs which can destroy them. Plus these help repel the bugs in the first place. Make sure you check all interactions before using any essential oils around kids or pets.



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  2. One thing that I didn’t see mentioned is one of the most effective treatments: diatomaceous earth. It’s completely pet and kid safe, and works effectively by literally eating away at the shells of pests after they walk through it. It doesn’t work instantly, but is a sure fire way to kill them. It’s readily available at most lawn/garden centers or online.

    1. Hey Brittany, thanks for the information! We’ll look into adding it to the article.

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