Organic Minestrone by Amy’s Kitchen, 14.1 oz

Organic Minestrone by Amy’s Kitchen, 14.1 oz

  • This combination of organic vegetables, beans and noodles in a tomato based broth makes for a hearty satisfying organic minestrone soup for lunch or light supper.
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Organic Minestrone by Amy’s Kitchen, 14.1 oz

  • This combination of organic vegetables, beans and noodles in a tomato based broth makes for a hearty satisfying organic minestrone soup for lunch or light supper.
  • Amy’s Organic Minestrone is Vegan, low fat and contains no GMOs

Organic Minestrone Ingredients:

Filtered water, organic onions, organic diced tomatoes, organic tomato puree, organic carrots, organic kidney beans, organic potatoes, organic celery, organic green beans, organic peas, organic pasta (organic semolina flour, filtered water), organic leeks, sea salt, organic spices*, organic high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, organic garlic, bay leaves, organic black pepper. Contains wheat.*100% pure herbs & spices (no hidden ingredients)

The Magic of Amy'samys
Have you ever noticed how something almost magic happens when you cook your own food from scratch? How you connect with each ingredient and feel your way through each step of the creation? How you use your senses to make even the smallest adjustments toward perfection? This “magic” happens every day at Amy’s.

When people learn how we prepare each Amy’s recipe from scratch, they immediately understand something about why the products taste, well, homemade. Amy’s is just a large kitchen where the staff begins each day with the most basic of tasks…hand chopping fresh onions and carrots…building soup stock from fresh vegetables, and proofing doughs for pizza crusts and pot pies. And yes, even our tofu is made in the traditional Japanese method. While our pots may be large (400 gallons!), the techniques for preparing food are much the same as those used in cooking at home.

The sauces perfected, the fillings just right, we begin the fun of the real handwork. Each burrito is hand rolled, each pizza crust hand stretched and topped, and broccoli is hand placed in the pot pies. Hands sprinkle cheese and herbs on the enchiladas and just the right amount of noodles are placed in each can of the Minestrone. We are cooking for you in the same way you would cook for yourself. From choosing the very best ingredients, to baking pastry to perfection, every detail is given full attention.

We like to think of you as a guest in our home and we appreciate you looking to Amy’s when you want all the goodness of a home cooked meal.

At Amy’s Kitchen, we make food in much the same way as you do at home. We start out with the freshest, organic vegetables we can find.  We purchase high quality pastas, grains, beans and dairy from hormone-free cows.

We make everything by hand. Our sauces are prepared in stages; first by heating oil, then adding aromatics and followed by fresh veggies and tomatoes. All the ingredients cook slowly until they reach their fullest flavor.


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