1M+ US Children Age 6 or Under Are on Psychiatric Drugs

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psychiatric drugs

Today in America it is quite common to be prescribed antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, in fact, a 2013 study revealed that about one in six American adults is on these drugs. Considering the number doubled from the years 1999 to 2012, it would be foolish to assume the trend has declined from 2012 to present day.

An underlying result of this increase that some may not consider, is the spike in our adolescent’s consumption of these mind altering drugs. Adults have many problems and situations to deal with, and they have the right to seek out psychiatric drugs as a solution, but what about children who do not fully understand the consequences of taking these prescriptions at such an early age?psychiatric drugs

IMS health, which is the largest vendor of U.S. physician prescribing data, released a report showing the staggering numbers of American children on these psychiatric drugs. In this report, we see a grand total of 1,146,530 children ages 5 and under are taking these drugs, the results of which could affect the normal development of their brain chemistry. 

Here is the break down of the different age groups 1-5 taking psychiatric drugs:

Total break down of children 1-5 on psychiatric drugs:
0-1 Years                274,804
2-3 Years                370,778
4-5 Years                500,948

These numbers include kids prescribed to antidepressants, antipsychotics, anti anxiety, and ADHD medications, this is an unusual and arguably unnecessary way to help our youth deal with these problems.

How is it possible to prescribe anti depressants to a child who can not even say or understand the word depressed?

Breakdown of children 1-5 on anti depressants:
0-1 Years               26,406
2-3 Years               46,102
4-5 Years               45,822

There is a laundry list of side effects that come with these drugs, suicidal thoughts, abnormal bleeding, cardiovascular disorder, aggression, liver damage, the list is literally too long to put in this article. Americans are subjecting their new born babies to these side effects instead of seeking other solutions.

psychiatric drugs

Breakdown of children 1-5 on anti anxiety medication:
0-1 Years               26,406
2-3 Years               46,102
4-5 Years               45,822

Is anxiety a normal and necessary experience for a growing child?

If we take away a child’s ability to feel slightly uncomfortable in certain situations, will they ever learn how to deal with social situations on their own?

The side effects of anti depressants are not much better including problems such as, cognitive impairment, heart problems, amnesia, depression, and withdraw reactions. Again there is a long list of issues that go along with these drugs, the issues are much larger than the problems is solves.

As we move forward as a species it is imperative that we give our children the best possible circumstances to succeed. We will come to a point when America must decide, if all of the answers to our problems will be found in an easy to swallow pill, or if we can overcome them ourselves. If the numbers of children on these drugs increases, they may grow up unaware of how to soberly deal with anxiety or depression. Imagine a grown adult who has never had to handle the normal stresses and socially awkward situations of everyday life. What will they do when the love of their life breaks it off with them, or if their job has many difficulties and hurdles? Will they have the mental tools to deal with those problems, or will they go back to the doctor for another prescription?

Parents looking for alternative options, this article will point you in the right direction.






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