Does It Go in the Fridge? Your Guide to Fruit & Vegetable Storage

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Ah the age-old question: does it go in the fridge? Some foods stay fresh longer left on the counter while others need the fridge to stay crispy. But which is goes where? Don’t worry, we’ve put this handy guide fruit and vegetable storage guide together so you’ll never have to play the guessing game again. Just bookmark the page and pull it up anytime you have a question!

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Sure, fruit is deliciously satisfying when ice-cold from the fridge. But you should actually keep most fruits on the counter at room temperature. Fruit ripens better on the counter. So if say your mango or kiwi is already soft, pop it into the fridge. Make sure to put all pre-cut fruit into the fridge as well. Bananas can go either way. But if they’re ripening too fast, throw them into the fridge. (Or freeze them for smoothies!) If you put them in the fridge, ignore the browning on the peels.

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Vegetable storage on the other hand isn’t so cut-and-dry. The most commonly used vegetables should actually stay on the counter. This includes peppers, onions, and cucumbers. Even tomatoes are more tasty when you leave them at room temperature. And putting potatoes into the fridge can screw up the chemical composition making them gritty or mealy. But the rest should be kept in the fridge to keep them crisp and fresh.

Freezing? Well that’s another story, but we’re working on it ;)

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Does It Go in the Fridge? Your Guide to Fruit & Vegetable Storage

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