Vitamins Vegans Need and How to Get Them

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People are always so concerned about vegans and their diet. And sure, it can be tricky to get all the right nutrients through a plant-based diet. But it doesn’t take a whole lot of work, just some planning. That’s why we put together his handy list of vitamins vegans need and how to get them through a plant-based diet!

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“Vegans don’t get enough calcium!” “Your iron is probably too low!” “How do vegans get protein?” Indeed you’ve probably heard it all. And I’m sure it can get tiring. But to be fair, there are key vitamins vegans need in meat products that can be hard to find in plants. Most notably: vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

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It’s impossible to find b12 in plant sources, so you’ll probably want to seek out a supplement. B12 is essential to healthy nerve and brain function. It’s also nearly impossible to get enough vitamin D through plant sources. The sun’s rays are nature’s best source of vitamin D. Without vitamin D, your bones can’t absorb calcium properly.

Other minerals and vitamins vegans need include iron, calcium, and protein. Don’t worry, we have two separate articles dedicated to plant sources of calcium and protein. Lots of dark leafy greens– most notably spinach– are great for iron.

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But be mindful when you’re consuming these foods or taking these supplements as they might interact with one another. Many foods with calcium also contain oxalate, which slows calcium absorption. You should never take iron and calcium together as calcium inhibits iron absorption.

There might be many vitamins vegans need, but on the other hand, vegans definitely don’t need to worry about potassium intake. If you’re consuming a well-rounded plant-based diet, you should be getting all the potassium you need.

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Vitamins Vegans Need and How to Get Them


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